Front Door Dual Speaker Pods

Front Door Dual Speaker Pods
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  • Item #: GM-01-02-01-B

Quickly add a dual speaker setup to your truck. Replace the Factory speakers in your truck. Show off the speakers that you spent good money on. Direct the sound from your system right at your head!!! SEM Products COLOR MATCHING NOW AVAILABLE!! If you don't see your color listed, or you prefer another color, let me know. Lower woofer is 6.5" standard. Second woofer hole can be either 5-1/4" or 4". Other Options include: 4" woofer with flat mount tweeter, or 4" woofer with Angled tweeter mount (2-1/4" overall face diamater).
Fits Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Avalanche, Escalade ect. Only fits 'handle above armrest' doors.

Pods shown in these pictures are leather wrapped. Pods come uncovered, textured, black ABS, unless otherwise specified.
Pods are made from Black 1/8" ABS Plastic. They are paintable using most spray paints.

Patent Pending

Pods mount to the door panel using machine screws and locknuts (provided). Door panel must be removed to install pods, and holes must be drilled/cut in the door panel.
Prices are per pair. Speakers not Included.

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Price $94.99