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  • A great place to install your stereo!  Keep the ball holder for your balls...

    This pod installs under the cupholder using provided hardware, no disassembly of the dash or cutting required.  

    Pod is designed with drainage holes for the outer two cup holders and a diversion tray for the inner two cup holders to keep your system safe if your, soda spills.

    Can be ordered with, or without a cutout for a Single DIN stereo.

    Fits the following Ez-Go Models: 

    • TXT
    • RXV
    • Freedom
    • Valor
    • Express

    Additional Information:

    Price includes stereo mount, drip tray and mounting hardware.  Stereo, speaker pods/speakers, tweeter pods/tweeters not included. Holes must be drilled into the dash of the golf cart for installation.

      Under Cupholder Stereo Mount Ez-Go

      SKU: EG-00-00-05-A
      Cutout for 1-DIN
      • Installtion Tools:

        • Drill with 1/8" drill bit.
        • Phillips screwdriver.


        Basic installation procedure:

        1. Line up drip tray below the center two cupholder drains with the exit towards the front of the cart.
        2. Mark mounting holes.
        3. Drill mounting holes.
        4. Install drip tray using provided hardware.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Overtightening screws may damage pod or strip out mounting surface of golf cart. 
        5. Set pod in place on golf cart, ensuring a tight fit to the cupholder and centered.
        6. Mark mounting holes.
        7. Drill mounting holes.
        8. Set pod in place.
        9. Install provided screws to secure pod.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.  Overtightening screws may damage pod or strip out mounting surface of golf cart.