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Terms and Conditions


  If you have a concern with your order, please contact us via email to:  Since we are so busy, any concern that is not sent through this method is subject to neglect. Messages sent via any other source (ie. Forum messages, Forum Posts ect.) are not preferred and can result in concern neglect. 

Product Description

Speaker Pods are made from 1/8" ABS plastic stock.  Some areas of the speaker pods may be thinner than 1/8".​

Speakers are not included with your purchase.


  Custom Speaker Pods is not to be held responsible for any damage done to any of the following: Speakers, door panels, any interior component (door, wiring, carpet, seats, etc), personal injury.

 Installation is the responsibility of the buyer.

Door panels must be drilled and cut for installation.


  We stand behind our products.  If you have any issues with your products please let us know.

  All items listed here are proudly hand made in the USA.  Since they are hand-made certain small defects may be noticed.  If you have concerns about your product please contact us.


  The products sold on this website have not been tested by any form of legal, government or law facility.  Please be aware of local laws etc when installing these products. will not be held responsible for any law breaking activity of the buyer/installer.  Installer and/or customer assumes all risks involving all laws pertaining to the vehicle and/or location the products are installed/used.

  Some products may obstruct view while driving.  We recommend that these products be removed while the vehicle is in motion.  

Shipping and Delivery

  All orders are shipped via UPS ground.  Shipping costs are automatically calculated by the website based on the current rates for the package to be shipped.

 Other shipping methods can be used if requested by customer.  Additional costs associated with an alternate shipping method will be covered by the customer.

  All items are made fresh, and not produced until an order is placed.  Our current schedule for shipping orders is as follows:

  • Friday:  Orders placed between Monday and Wednesday will ship on the following Friday.

  • Tuesday:  Orders placed between Thursday and Sunday will ship on the following Tuesday.

Wholesale Inquiries offers wholesale discounts in the form of online coupon codes.  We offer tiered discounts that are based on dollar amount of product ordered.  If you are interested in receiving more information please contact us.

Payment Methods

  All orders are to be placed online through the website in order to keep all information secure, correct and accurate.

  We currently accept the following payments:

  • Credit / Debit Cards


  You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment options available. Custom Speaker Pods reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.

Return Policy

  Any concerns that are a direct result of "item shipped does not match item ordered" will be handled promptly at the expense of Custom Speaker Pods. Any concerns that are a result of any other issue will be handled using communication with Custom Speaker Pods through messages sent to 

  Returns for any reason other than explained above will be done so at the expense of the customer. Refunds will be subject to the transfer fees of the payment source (6%), and shipping charges will not be refunded (Free shipping will result in holding of a $20 fee to cover initial shipping charges).

  Orders that include a special request (ex. custom hole size cutout, non-standard speaker option, etc), may not be eligible for a refund.