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Why should you install pods from Custom Speaker Pods?

1. Our pods allow any do it yourself installer to create a custom look and sound for their vehicle in as little as an afternoon.

2. Only basic tools and skills are required to install our pods.

3. No fiberglass, no bondo, NO DUST.

4. Our pods provide an opportunity to go beyond a standard speaker replacement upgrade.

Why should my shop offer or stock pods from

1. You can offer customers an affordable alternative to custom fiberglass work.

2. Close a larger sale in an afternoon; pods + more speakers + install 

3. Quick customer turnaround; no waiting on fiberglass work completion.

4. Stock less materials; fiberglass, wood, bondo, paint.

5. Reduce number of tools required for installation; saws, routers, sanders, mixers.

6. Keep a cleaner shop; no dust.

7. Keep a safer shop; no noxious fumes, no saws, no routers, no dust.

8. Fewer skills required.